Counselor In Training

Age 15


June 7-25


Leader In Training

Age 14


July 12-31

CIT and LIT are both three-week programs, two weeks of Day Camp and one week of Jamboree, building FUTURE CAMP LEADERS!

Bus transportation is available at an additional $50 per week for the two corresponding weeks of Day Camp for each program.


CITs will acquire program knowledge, learn how to facilitate activities and will be prepared as future counselors to work with Day Camp and Jamboree campers. New this summer, CITs will learn CPR.

LITs will acquire program knowledge and learn how to facilitate activities.

Week 1: Day Camp: Activities, Team Building, Camp Fun

Week 2: Day Camp: Activity Breakdown, Leadership Skills, Camp Comprehension

Week 3: Jamboree: Overnight Camp Fun, Application, Comprehension of Skills


Camp Accredation