3 Day/ 2 Night Program

Our 3 day/ 2 night program is the most popular program, offering teachers the choice of four core classes and two night activities. Utilizing your students’ curiosity about the natural world, our instructors will guide your students through hands on activities that engage students in higher level thinking, problem solving, and personal growth.

2 Day/ 1 Night Program

Our 2 day/1 night program offers a quality outdoor education experience when time and funds may be limited. Students will participate in two or three core classes and one night activity. Since instructional time is extremely valuable, the 2 day/ 1 night program is quick paced and energetic. Students will be engaged in instruction and thrive in the natural setting of our outdoor school.

1 Day Program

We offer various 1 day programs that are fun and interactive for your students. Teachers typically choose two of the core classes, but the programming is flexible and can be catered to your needs. Students can also enjoy a day of recreation where they will participate in canoeing and fishing, archery, climbing wall, and challenge course. Teachers may choose three or four recreational activities, depending on your transportation schedule.




Texas Living History (4th Grade)

Students pretend they are settlers from Tennessee. They have bought land in North Texas from Collin McKinney and are headed west to find a place to live. Along the way, students meet four characters (Texas soldier, pioneer, Caddo Indian, Spanish vaquero) who will tell them what life was like back in the early 1800s and teach them a trade or skill for survival. Students will encounter various obstacles through our scenario cards, using teamwork and problem-solving skills to make decisions that will keep the settlers safe.

Physics Moves Us (Secondary Grades)

Physics Moves Us is a new one-day program created for High School aged students. Students will move through a series of hands-on field investigations that integrate fun camp activities with physics concepts. Throughout the day, they will learn to compare how various styles of archery equipment convert potential energy to kinetic energy, determine velocity of projectiles with the trebuchet, climb the rock wall using friction belay, and experiment with gravity and drag at the zipline.

ICare Mobile Outdoor Education Program (1st-5th Grades)

Utilizing the ICare curriculum developed by the YMCA of the USA, students will participate in various activities relating to nature’s interrelationships and cycles, natural resources and energy flow, and environmental awareness. This program is conducted by CCAC staff at your school campus.


Camp Accredation