What is your favorite month of the year? Here at camp we can find many reasons to love every month. In January we often get visited by Jack Frost, and if you are from Texas you know that cool weather is a welcome event. February is “I love camp” month, and guess what…WE LOVE CAMP! In March we begin to see signs of spring with budding trees and green grass. If you’ve never seen our wildflowers in April then you are missing out, but you can come to our spring community day and enjoy the grandeur. We get to kick off the summer season in May with our Memorial Day Family Camp Weekend. In July we celebrate our Independence with a second weekend of Family Camp. School starts in August so we get to welcome our Outdoor Education (OE) staff and begin gearing up for OE season. September kicks off our OE season with visits from some of our favorite schools during the fall and spring semesters. Fall begins making its appearance in October and things finally start to cool off a bit. When November rolls around you know it is Holiday Season. Food, need I say more? In December there is just so much celebration. And then we start it all over again.

But June, oh June just might be our favorite month of all. “Why?” you ask. Well there are many reasons to love June. 1. School is out and summer begins. 2. Camp season is officially here and hundreds of Happy Campers of all ages come through our gates to experience the joy that is camp. What you might not know about June is our #3 reason to love this month. 3. June is Great Outdoors Month!

IMG_9543Great Outdoors Month is a 20 year American tradition that helps introduce people to the many benefits of America’s public land and waters. There are endless benefits to enjoying a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. Having fun is only the beginning.

This week (June 4-12) is National Fishing and Boating Week. Be sure to grab a pole and spend some time casting a line and relaxing near or on the water this week. I can tell you that few things are more rewarding than seeing a kid (or an adult) catch his first fish, or his 100th fish for that matter. Trust me on this, I get to see it every day. IMG_9514

June 11th is Get Outdoors Day (also known as GO Day). There are events held across the nation on this day. You can visit www.nationalgetoutdoorsday.org for more information on scheduled events, or schedule your own event and just GO. On June 25th celebrate Great Outdoors Month by participating in the Great American Campout. Take your family camping. You can camp out in your own back yard, a state park, a national park, a lake, or just about anywhere that will allow you to do so. There are plenty of places in our immediate area, so gather up your gear and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

IMG_9492Perhaps my personal favorite recognized day of the month is National Day of Service on June 17th. There are organized events and large service projects centered around this day, but if every one of us will do our part we can make a positive impact on our own neighborhoods. Pick up litter on the roadside, clean up at a park, creek, schoolyard, etc. Park the car for the day and walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation. Collect recyclable materials and haul them to a recycling center. Donate unused and unwanted items to a charity. There are so many things that we can do to help preserve the Great Outdoors, so be intentional on June 17th and make something happen.

Great Outdoors Month highlights other special days as well. Visit their website at www.greatoutdoorsmonth.org to get more information. We hope that you will take advantage of the beautiful early summer weather (it’s finally not raining, and it’s not too humid or too hot right now) to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature and fresh air. Happy Great Outdoors Month from our CCAC family to yours. We look forward to seeing you outside somewhere this month.

Please let us know how you and your family celebrated Great Outdoors Month by dropping us a line (not a fishing line, but a comment line) and telling us about your wonderful outdoor experience. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

This blog post is brought to you by our Outdoor Education Director, Amy Massingill.


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